Let our friendly app be your commute pal and help you avoid unexpected traffic. You will have an easier and smarter daily commute.

How to use "Commute Pal":

  1. Set up your home and work addresses in the main page. Just type in a portion of your address and touch the desired address from the pop up list of predicted addresses. Program shows the map of selected address. If you are satisfied with teh address, just select "Set Home" or "Set Work".
  2. When both Home and Work addresses are set up, the "Check Traffic" button becomes active. Touch the "Check Traffic" button to see the real time traffic between home and work. The default zoom is set such that both Home and Work locations are visible in the map. If desired use the zoom control on the map to find more detail traffics of the regions with heavier traffic (shown with red color).
  3. When you are done with the map, simply press the "HOME" button on your device. This will automatically put the App into sleep mode in background. When you open the App again, it will automatically update the traffic map. Since the App does not use the device's GPS, it will not consume battery power when in background so you will not need to kill the App when not in use.

For more information, please check video tutorial and demo of commute pal.

You can contact us at below e-mail address for any questions or support regarding our App.


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